Born in the 2000s as a fictional anime character, Jandrou stands alongside the outcast, the queer, and the underrepresented. He stands by those who have much more to show the world, to solidify that artistry doesn’t need to fit the mold. Like many others, he’s gone through the harsh journey of self-acceptance. He learned to embrace his true self, his quirks, virtues, demons and desires after he moved to Vancouver, Canada. It was by fully immersing in Emily Carr University of Art + Design that he discovered and welcomed the different ways to live the human experience, outgrowing the extreme conservative ideas that had been ingrained in him while growing up in El Salvador.

Jandrou has learned to communicate through the arts: painting, design, dance, and music. His songs sound nostalgic, feeling like melancholic melodies from a future past, but always within a beat that portrays genuine optimism.